What is the Best Fish to Catch in Miami Florida?

Besides being a world-class vacation destination, Miami has fantastic fishing opportunities that you can’t find elsewhere. The Magic City’s sunny shores and inland waters have been attracting millions of people worldwide, with many anglers hoping for a chance to catch the big one in Florida.

If you’re one of the anglers hoping to land a ton of catches and monster species, you’re in the right place! We’ll be sharing the best fish to catch in Miami Florida so you can let your charter captain know what your goal is for the trip.


The Best Fish to Catch in Miami Florida

There are so many species you can target in Miami, but nothing beats these fish. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced angler, here are the best fish to catch in Miami Florida!



Tarpon is one of the favorite species among Miami anglers, and you can find it along Biscayne Bay or the Stiltsville flats.

The Tarpon fishing action will peak from May to July in Miami, which is when they begin flooding the shallows and inlet areas. On average, these fish weigh between 20-40 pounds. At times, you may find yourself reeling in tarpon as huge as 100 pounds!

Even if they are considered the “juvenile” fish among the species, expect them to hit hard and give you a challenge.



That’s right, you can reel yourself swordfish in Miami, but this usually only happens when you go deep-sea fishing. The Gulf Stream would feed Miami waters with swordfish throughout the year. However, they will peak in Miami from August to November, as well as from January to February.

Swordfish aren’t a common species you can catch (even if Miami is considered the swordfish capital of the world), but it’s possible to find them living in waters between 1,000 to 1,500 feet deep. You’re better off booking a fishing charter if you plan to bait them. We also recommend fishing for swordfish at nighttime for an adventure!

One thing many anglers find interesting about the swordfish is its interesting body, featuring a long bill looking like a sword (hence, the name!). Moreover, the swordfish is a very predatory fish and a challenge to catch with its strength and power, making it a must-target among sports fishermen. Prepare your strength, as swordfish can measure up to 15 feet long and weigh up to 1,400 pounds when fully matured!



Sailfish are considered a prized gamefish in Miami, a species related to both marlin and swordfish. You can find them in the drop-off between 90 to 200 feet deep. Moreover, they are best caught between September to November, as well as January to March. Avoid targeting them in April because they are near-extinct in Miami waters for the entire month.

The reason why sailfish is one of the best fish to catch in Miami Florida is because of the way they jump and spin out of the waters after hooking one.

Best Fish to Catch in Miami Florida


There are a ton of species of grouper around Miami waters, and they are a great fish to target for beginners and inshore anglers, as they are found in waters about 15 feet deep.

They are one of the few species in the city that have a season regulated for their harvest. While it’s possible to fish for them when not in season, the black and gad groupers are strictly catch-and-release. Goliath groupers are also found in Miami but are strictly catch-and-release all year round.

Gag groupers are one of the best fish to catch in Miami Florida, where you can find them in shallow coastal waters offshore up to 500 feet deep. They are a sight to behold as some of them can weigh as large as 500 pounds. You’ll be able to recognize them with their brownish-gray color and dark, worm-like markings on the sides.

We recommend catching grouper from May to December during the open season. You’ll want to catch them during this time so you can take some home to eat. They are known to be one of the best-tasting fish in the city!


Mahi Mahi

Mahi Mahi, also known as dolphin fish or Dorado, is a popular Miami fish species found offshore during the summer season. That said, they are considered a year-round fish with many anglers also recommending catching them during the spring or fall season when their feeding increases.

Come spring, they feed heavily after winter. During fall, they are scrambling to prepare for the cold winter. And since they eat more, you can expect bigger Mahi Mahi during those seasons!

When targeting this fish, we recommend throwing bait in the water to attract them before you can hopefully get a bite. Many anglers also love the Mahi Mahi because of its gorgeous look and delicious taste.

Best Fish to Catch in Miami Florida


Barracudas are a staple fish in Miami waters, one of the best fish to catch in Miami Florida for beginner and avid anglers alike. You can find them both inshore and offshore, though they are usually found in the former along docks and piers. Expect them to have a wide weight range between 5 pounds to a whopping 30 pounds.

What’s great about these fish is that they are available to catch year-round. However, they have a slight decrease in action from May to June.


Wrapping It Up

Who would’ve thought that there the best fish to catch in Miami Florida are some of the biggest monster species you can ever lay your eyes on? If you’re a beginner, don’t worry, many of the best fish in Florida can also be caught by you! You can heighten your chances and learn new techniques from a fishing charter, so you’ll have a memorable time reeling in any of the fish from our list.

So, don’t wait any longer and book a fishing charter now. Contact us for more details!

Best Fish to Catch in Miami Florida
Best Fish to Catch in Miami Florida
Best Fish to Catch in Miami Florida


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