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Did you know that besides being delicious, tunas also put up an excellent fight? So, if you’re someone who’d love to eat what you worked hard in catching, reach out to Miami Tuna Fishing Charters!

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Catching tuna in miami florida

Miami has some of the best tuna fishing Florida has to offer.

Miami’s most-prized tunas are yellowfin, bluefin, and skipjack. Besides tasting great, they’re also marvelous fighters.

Hence, fishing enthusiasts who love earning their meals have tuna on their to-catch list. 

Everything you Need to Know About Tuna in Miami

Yellowfin tuna in Miami weighs 15 to 150 pounds on average, while skipjack weighs 18 to 221 pounds, and bluefin is 200 to 600 pounds.

All three of them can be found in deeper waters, and they can swim for up to 43 miles an hour. So far, the heaviest tuna caught in Florida weighed 827 pounds.

Common Techniques Used to Catch Tuna

Bright lures and shiny baits work best when fishing for tuna in Miami. Likewise, deep sea fishing, fly fishing, spear fishing, drift fishing, kite fishing, trolling, jigging, and popping are excellent tuna fishing methods.

Be prepared for plenty of resistance and the possibility of equipment damage when you attempt to capture tuna.

Why Choose Miami for Tuna Fishing

Miami’s deep waters are much appreciated by the tunas, so you’ll benefit well by taking advantage of that.

Similarly, since charters like Miami Tuna Fishing Charters exist within Miami, you’re guaranteed a great fishing adventure when you choose to fish here.

Florida Fishing Regulations for Catching Tuna

You may need a federal HMS Angling Permit depending on the type of tuna you’re after. However, if trying to catch an unregulated type of tuna, you can bag 1 or 2 tuna at a 100-pound limit.

Why Choose Miami, Florida as Your Next Tuna Fishing Charter

Miami Florida Tuna Fishing Charters hooks you up with the best available experienced local guides within Miami to ensure your fishing trip goes smoothly.

Booking with us not only arms you with the best fishing gear and guides, but also greatly increases your chances of having a memorable experience that’ll last you a lifetime.

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