Fun Fish to Catch When Deep Sea Fishing in Miami

Miami is one of the best fishing destinations in Florida, with many species flocking in the pristine waters for anglers to catch! Whether you’re going inshore or offshore fishing, there are always fish readily available for any type of angler. One favorite activity many adventurous anglers partake in is deep sea fishing in Miami, where people can fight aggressive fish in hopes of catching the big one.

However, it must make you wonder what fish you can catch in the deep waters! You’ll be surprised with what you can catch, and it will surely leave you excited for your upcoming trip.


Fun Fish to Catch When Deep Sea Fishing in Miami

Miami continues to attract people worldwide for its tourist attractions, beautiful beaches, and fishing opportunities! When you’re heading offshore, these are the fish you can expect to catch and enjoy:


Mahi Mahi and King Mackerel

You can catch both Mahi Mahi and King Mackerel, considered frequent catches in Miami’s deep waters. The best part is that fishing is open all year long, so you can target these species regardless of when you visit.

We recommend visiting Miami from May to August when targeting Mahi Mahi, while you can get more chances of catching King Mackerel during spring.

Mahi Mahi is staples when deep sea fishing in Miami, and since they are feisty and gluttonous fighters coming in various shapes and sizes, you’ll have a lot of fun catching them. Plus, you may be able to keep a catch or two home and enjoy the delicious table fare.

You can catch Mahi Mahi through trolling using cut or live bait. Note that these fish like hiring around stretches of seaweed, waiting for unsuspecting prey to swim along. If you find birds feeding on the water, you can tell Mahi Mahi are around.

As for King Mackerel, they’ve got razor-sharp teeth and travel at torpedo speeds, so they are just as enjoyable to catch as Mahi Mahi. Sometimes, King Mackerels are more challenging to catch, weighing up to 50 pounds and unafraid to cut your line with just a snap of their sharp teeth. You can usually find them feeding in waters of up to 150 feet deep, typically around reefs or cutoffs.

If you want more success in catching the King Mackerel, go for kite fishing, regardless of size. We also recommend using light tackle when catching these fish.

Deep Sea Fishing in Miami


Sailfish is Florida’s official saltwater fish and the most coveted catch among big-game anglers. That’s because sailfish is one of the fastest species in the ocean, famous for their strength and fighting abilities. You can find a lot of sailfish looking for baitfish during the winter months, specifically from November to April.

Sailfish’s speed and agility are practically unmatched, making them thrilling prey experienced anglers try catching. Plus, these big boys weigh 50-100 pounds, so think of the headshakes and jumps they’ll do as you try reeling them in. You’ll definitely be up for a challenge!

When deep sea fishing in Miami, you can get sailfish to bite through kite fishing using live bait. You can also opt for chumming or sight fishing.

Deep Sea Fishing in Miami 


The Blackfin Tuna is one particular tuna variety you can catch when deep sea fishing in Miami. You can find other tuna species in other areas in Southern Florida, but blackfins are more common. These fish are smaller than yellowfin and bluefin tuna, weighing only up to 40 pounds.

However, they are fun fish to catch when deep sea fishing in Miami because of their fighting power. We highly recommend trolling with live bait to get a blackfin’s attention, using light tackle if you want a challenge. You can also use cut bait, which can cause an entire school of tuna to head closer to the water surface. Sometimes, you can find a 100-pound bluefin or yellowfin among blackfins, making it an exciting experience!

These fish like hunting in depths between 100-300 feet, and you can get more success by chasing tuna under covers of darkness.

When targeting this blackfin tuna, head to the Miami waters during spring from April to July, as these are the times schools of Tuna head to the local waters for food. You can also try targeting this tuna during fall.


Other Bottomfish Species

There are even more fun fish to catch when deep sea fishing in Miami, particularly bottom dwellers like groupers, snappers, jacks, or tilefish living and hunting in reefs or wrecks.

These fish are ready to be caught all year long, which is why bottom fishing is a popular option in deep-sea fishing charters. You have more of a chance of catching fish to bring home or show off!

Groupers are commonly caught bottom fish and a reason why anglers love bottom fishing in the first place. There are numerous groupers weighing 10-15 pounds, giving anglers a challenge and delicious meat. While Goliath groupers are rare, they are worth the wait and effort. You can usually catch red groupers, which are the smallest and weigh 5-15 pounds.

Snappers are another commonly caught bottom fish in Miami. They are also an appealing catch like Groupers!

During the summer, you can find various Snapper species, such as yellowtail, reds, vermillion, lane, or mutton snappers, all known for being delicious table fare. Red and Mutton snappers are personal favorites as they can grow over 20 pounds and will be fun catching using light tackle.


Wrapping It Up

There are numerous reasons why anglers flock to Miami yearly, and one of those reasons is the deep sea fishing action! From sailfish to bass, huge barracuda to delicious tuna, you can spend the entire day in the deep waters waiting and catching the big one to show off! 

If you’re still planning your deep sea fishing in Miami, why not coordinate with the best local fishing charter or fishing guide? Reap the benefits of charters and guides by contacting us now!

Deep Sea Fishing in Miami
Deep Sea Fishing in Miami
Deep Sea Fishing in Miami


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