Miami Fishing Season for Inshore Fish

Miami boasts of some of the best fishing opportunities and action all around the state! It’s not only known for its fantastic beaches, but the many fish you can catch and the numerous water spots to stay in to catch a bite, whether inshore or offshore. If you’re a beginner, a bit pressed for time, or with family, then you may want to opt for inshore fishing first.

The question is: When should you go inshore fishing when in Miami? It’s worth knowing the Miami fishing season for inshore fish species so you can prepare adequately. That said, read on!


Miami Fishing Season for Inshore Fish

In general, the best time to fish in Miami would be during the summer and fall seasons, which are when the biggest number of fish will come through the area’s waters. It’s also the time when the water temperatures are most ideal for most species. That said, this is what’s great about Miami, as the waters stay relatively warm most times, being close to the Gulf Stream, which would pull in warm water and provide a steady flow of fish.

Winter is a fairly good season, but since it’s a bit cooler, the fish are in far deeper waters or hidden for warmth, so you might not have as many bites compared to spring or summer.

Here are some of the most popular inshore fish species in Miami and their seasons.

Miami Fishing Season for Inshore Fish 


Tarpon fishing would peak in Miami from May to July because these fish would flood shallows and inlet areas. You can find tarpon as heavy as 100 pounds in Miami, but usually, they are about 20-40 pounds each.

Tarpon are considered to be the most juvenile among species, they hit hard and will give any angler a fun run. While you can still target tarpon after June, they are tougher to spot. It will also become more challenging to predict where the tarpon will be.



The grouper is one of the few species in Miami that have specific regulated seasons for harvesting. While you can catch groupers outside their season, they are strictly catch and release, particularly for the black and gad groupers. You can find the goliath group in Miami too, but this species will always be catch and release.

If you’re targeting this fish species, we recommend heading to Miami from May to December as this is when their season is open. While you can catch grouper all year long, it’s best to go for the open season since they are great-tasting fish!



Alright, barracudas are mainly offshore fish. But surprisingly, you can find them inshore as well! Anglers can catch them from docks, piers, and in deeper waters, weighing as small as five pounds to a whopping 30 pounds.

Barracuda is actually a great year-round fish, so you can target them anytime. However, there’s a slight decrease in action from May to June, though the downtime isn’t too bad.

Besides learning the fish species, you also have to be aware of the species’ open seasons and whether you can bag them or release them. Fish species would have specific size and daily bag limits. This is where a fishing charter and guide can help, as they are more knowledgeable on the species, techniques to catch them, and whether you can keep the fish or release them to avoid breaking Florida’s fishing regulations.

Miami Fishing Season for Inshore Fish 

What Time to Fish in Miami

Besides learning about the months to fish in Miami, you’re also looking at the specific times you can most likely get a bite. In general, the best times of day to fish in Miami would be from early pre-dawn to dawn, which is when the fish are at their active peak. While most fish are active all day long, not many anglers are out during those times.

If you plan to fish from the pier or shoreline, you’ll want to go during the morning, but be prepared for some crowds. Avoid waiting later though, as the activity picks back up come late afternoon when everyone’s up and about.

We also highly recommend going out in the morning to fish because fish are more active in the cooler morning hours, especially during summertime. Also, larger fish would be in shallower waters in the morning than in the afternoon as they are coming to hunt.

Now, you’re probably wondering about night fishing. Lucky for you, Miami night fishing can bring you some amazing memories, especially with the bridges and structures stretching across the area’s waterways. Moreover, fish would feel less pressure as they think it’s safer to feed at night, and they’ll feed better with artificial light above the surface.

If you plan to go shore or surf fishing in Miami, you’ll see it as a thriving trend. It’s best to do this from early morning to late afternoon because the change in tide would bring fish closer to the shore. Like most types of fishing, it’s best to go during the summer, though you can find success regardless of the season, especially since many piers can give you access to deep waters.


Wrapping It Up

As mentioned above, the beast Miami fishing season for inshore fish is during the summer and early fall, when the fish action reaches its peak. That said, springtime is an overlooked time of the year because the fishing is still great and there aren’t as many anglers out. April to May are good months for fishing if you want the sweet spot between good fishing and fewer anglers.

That said, the outcome of your fishing trip will still depend on the weather, time of day, water conditions, specific target species, and even the charters you book. Remember, if you want to go to Miami for some fishing action during the peak season, then you must book your charter early. For those who haven’t booked a charter yet, contact us now!

Miami Fishing Season for Inshore Fish
Miami Fishing Season for Inshore Fish
Miami Fishing Season for Inshore Fish


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